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The Saga Continues So last time I wrote I said I was embarking on my mid-life crisis. I'm sure you've been waiting to hear just what sort of mid-life crisis suggestions have come in so far. Frankly I've been astounded by the number and diversity of suggestions. So without further ado, here are some of the suggestions: - Get a perm and buy a Corvette. - Write a book - Start a tradition of doing something special each year with my kids - Read Ulysses by James Joyce and tell my friends how smart I am - Buy a dog - Hike across the Atlantic - Wrestle with an alligator - Ride a stage of the Tour de France - Quit my job and tour with Duran Duran all summer - Become a roadie - Get a hearing aid implant - Get hair plugs - Buy a 350Z - Drink tequila while sitting on a beach in Costa Rica - Ride my bike to the top of Haleakala - Take an extreme adventure tour to New Zealand - Fire a machine gun from a tripod in Las Vegas - Go to the Super Bowl - Try to relive Hunter S. Thompson