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Merry Christmas from the Asche Family A few weeks ago my family asked if I was going to write a Christmas letter this year. You may recall that we actually wrote our first family Christmas letter two years ago and I got an earful of responses. Mostly comments like “I can’t believe you would say that” or “I hope you didn’t send a copy to your aunt.” So I shelved the idea. But the family persisted, so here we go. I’ve poured myself a glass of port wine ( Taylor Fladgate ), I’m listening to Christmas music ( Trans-Siberian Orchestra ) and I’m finally ready to give you an account of the past year. First a sip of port…that’s good stuff. So I drew na mes out of a hat, well not actually a hat, a paper cup, to see whose glorious ye ar I w ould recount first. Sherri is the first up and she has had a very good year. Let’s talk traveling – she went to London to see a living queen, to Egypt to see a dead queen, and to Alaska to see a lot of wildlife and some real Americans.