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Let's Get Sirius

Before We Get Started The puppies and I watched Game #6 of the NBA Finals and they were just as excited as the rest of the house to see the Golden State Warriors break a 40 year drought since their last NBA title.  I was cheering, the puppies were barking.  I'm telling you, it was pandemonium.  I can't imagine how excited they'll be if the Cal Bears ever win the Pac-12 Championship.  It will happen...someday. Speaking of Puppies You know what else gets them excited, well, besides food, is when they hear that someone has made a donation to help fight blood cancers.  Since the last email, I received at least seven requests for puppy pictures. That is, if you make a donation, I will send you a personalized picture with one of the puppies. For those that have donated, the pictures will be on their way soon.  Poor little Rudi, the smaller puppy, has to have eye surgery and we were hoping to get his picture after the surgery.  You don't really want a picture of a pup