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It's time to start...again

Wow, that's been a long time.  My updates for the past 18 months have pretty much centered on one topic, and I think it's time to change topics.  Let's dust the cobwebs off this blog and get back to addressing the issues at hand.  Namely, let's talk about bike riding adventures and leading the fight against blood cancers. So before I get back into bike riding tales, let me tell you about the immediate priority, that is I'm once again taking up the fight against blood cancers.  I've know too many people who've battled leukemia and lymphoma and frankly, I'm fed up.  It's a cruel twist of the human condition that some unlucky folks are stricken with these tragic diseases.  Well, I'm taking up the fight by fundraising again.  And as always, I'm asking you to help. In the past, when I've asked for your donations, I've offered various incentives - such as riding a mile for every dollar raised or putting your name on my bike or clothing.