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Bigger News Than My Birthday

Hello Again, I'm back with a bit of an update and some cool news.  First, many thanks to all the fine folks who have donated to the fight against blood cancers.  Your generosity always continues to astound me.  If you want to see how much has been raised, I encourage you to  go to my fundraising page to check it out   While you're there, feel free to click the radio buttons and try entering some numbers.  It's very worthwhile. Speaking of numbers, so the here's an update on the suffering.  By the suffering, I mean the training. First, you have to understand, training for this event is hard.  Not hard like working with differential equations, hard like dragging a dead pig across a desert.  The reason I don't post any pictures of myself is because there are no happy shots - only grimacing shots.  If you've known me a long time, you've noticed that I haven't aged well.  That's okay. I'm fine with that; the grizzled appearance accompanies my