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Finally, an Update Whatever happened to Steve Asche? We used to get these regular updates about Team in Training and his trip across France. Then he dropped off the blogosphere. Did he ever make it across France without more uncom fortable moments with Roy? Did America's Most Beautiful Bike Team ever complete their century ride? What about the sponsorships with all the names on the bike? Well it's about time I got around to this. To say a lot has happened since June would be an understatement, I'll provide those details in future updates. Let's get to the most important question - Did America's Most Beautiful Bike Team make their 100 ride around Lake Tahoe? Of course they did! And they did it in epic fashion. Team Shake 'n Bake would have flown around Lake Tahoe if they could - that and if they had wings and sufficient thrust and all the other physical requirements. The team did fantastically well despite some very, very cold and wet conditions the day