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Everybody Loves Dogs

Welcome back; I know it's been a few months.  Last time I wrote, I told you about my plans to recruit people to train with me to do a century ride and to raise money to fight blood cancers . I was happy to say, four people took me up on the offer.  For their efforts, I ponied up and supported their fundraising for a minimum of $50 each. Of course, I'm not writing to be self-congratulatory.  Nope, I'm writing about this dog.  This is Koda.  He is a fine looking animal.  He belongs to my friend Jennifer, who happens to be one of the four people that agreed to join me with Team in Training.  Well, Jennifer has been working very hard at training and fundraising in addition to being a devoted mom to Koda. I have it on good authority that what really makes Koda happy, besides posing for photos, is when his mom gets another donation to support her fundraising efforts.  Look how cute he is with those sunglasses on.  I'm sure you would like to help make Koda happy.  I wager