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I'm Going to America's Hat

Northward Bound A couple years ago a friend of mine said they could tell it was a new year because they started getting emails from me asking them to sponsor me in my fundraising.  Well, last year, as you may recall, I did not hit people up for fundraising.  Instead, I asked them to join me on riding a century and that I would sponsor them.  Pretty magnanimous of me, I must say.  A few hardy souls took me up on the offer and they will tell you I made good on my promise. Of course, that was last year.  This year is another story. You see, there are more challenges out there to be met.  And I've found a new one.  Now before you get ahead of yourself, yes, I will be raising money to fight Leukemia and Lymphoma and I challenge you to help me.  I'll come back to that, but first let me tell you what I'm planning to do. Instead of doing a run-of-the-mill 100-mile ride, I have signed up to do a 198 mile ride from Seattle to Vancouver Canada.  Yep, we're taking our show