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Last week Tuesday, my good friend Scott and I had arranged to meet and review our goals for 2012.  It's a practice we do each year and we do it to keep ourselves honest and, frankly, if you tell someone what you intend to do, there's a higher likelihood you'll actually do it.  It's a good and effective practice. I came with my list of goals and was prepared to start, when Scott told me that his friend Drew would be joining us for dinner.  I didn't expect what he said next.  He said, "When Drew arrives, don't say 'Hey, how's it going because he's likely to tell you.'"  We talked about it further and I said I would come up with another greeting. Drew arrived and I greeted him with, "Hey, I'm glad to see you." Beer arrived.  We talked about cycling and how riding up Mt. Diablo just kicks our overweight butts.  We talked about MMA bouts and how they are kind of homo-erotic.  We talked about work.  Everything was pretty c

A Bad Day to be a Pig

Happy New Year Everyone! By everyone, I mean all you friends and acquaintances that are receiving this blog posting.  So let's get right to it, my holidays were, like pretty much everyone's, pleasant but over too soon.  I got many warm wishes and generous gifts.  I want to highlight one gift in particular. My dear friend Lori gave me a rather unique and unexpected gift.  She enrolled me in the Bacon of the Month Club!  Once a month for the next three months I will receive 1 pound of the world's best bacon.  The first pound arrived a couple days ago and I must say, if you're a vegetarian - this might just get you to switch.  Man oh man, is it tasty. But why am I talking about bacon when what this blog is really about is bike riding and fundraising to fight blood cancers.  Okay, I'm getting to that.  The bacon, like most good bacons, got me to thinking.  In my last message about a month ago, I mentioned that we would do something special around Pork-a-Palooza fo