Challenges are Everywhere

Hello again. I'm back for another update about my Latest Challenge 2.0. I didn't have enough challenges so I'm back for another year of self-punishment in the form of hundreds of miles and hours on my bicycle. Once again I'm on quest to conquer 129 miles over 5 mountain passes in one day and raise $5,000 to fight Leukemia and Lymphoma in the process. If you want to support my cause visit my donation website at ( If you want to know more about my quest, then visit my blog. ( Let me catch you up on the latest developments.

Me and my big mouth
In my last update I pledged to ride 100 training miles for every $100 donated. Right now I have trained 250.7 miles but your generous donations are at $520. I have a 270 mile deficit. I intend to reduce this deficit considerably this weekend. As I explained to one naysayer, I have a plan that will allow me to keep my mileage up. More about that in a future update, for now you have an opportunity to make me work. You won't get another chance at that.

I did consider other forms of incentives but after careful consideration I thought better of it. The most intriguing was a company that makes personalized bricks. What better way to reward your patronage than to have a brick engraved with your personal message. I was going to offer to carry the bricks on a ride with me and realized that I had enough trouble hauling my own weight around let alone a bunch of bricks.

He Ain't Heavy...He's Fat!
Speaking of weight, I also mentioned that I would lose 35 pounds in the process. To help me in the goal, my loving wife, bought me a super-fancy scale for Christmas. This scale tells me everything, most of which I don't want to know. She would have gotten me a talking scale, but I couldn't bear the sound of a scale telling me "One at a time please" or "The freight scale is in the back" or "What did I do to you?". Thinking I could endure anything the uber-scale could tell me, I learned the hard way that I was wrong. You see, the scale has this one measurement that tells you your metabolic age. Effectively it computes your fitness and provides you with what your age should be. Here's the deal, my drivers license says that I am in my 40s. My scale tells me that I am in my 50s. I don't know about you, but I'd much rather my scale make cutting remarks than to simply tell me I am old. All this time I bought into the line - "You're as young as you feel". Now I know "You're as young as your scale says you are". My newly added goal is to get my scale age below my real age. I know this is possible because my superfit cousin, who happens to be 10 years older than I, is only 26 according to the scale.

Well that's enough update for now. Tomorrow we tackle a 54 mile ride. This should be a real test for the back. While I'm riding, check out the blog for a tear-jerker story that pretty much sums up why I ride to fight Leukemia and Lymphoma.



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