Hello again,

I'm back online and writing about my crusade against cancer. As you all know, I'm riding the Death Ride this July in an effort to raise money to fight blood cancers. Anyone wishing to support my cause should visit my fundraising page at http://www.active.com/donate/tntgsf/steveasche
There you will learn that I'm raising money in memory of my mother-in-law, Margie Griffin. If you want to read about my misguided adventures, then visit my blog at http://notabouttheback.blogspot.com/

"I am super clever"
If you've been following my updates, you'll know that I pledged to ride 100 miles for every $100 raised. Well I'm pleased to say that I'm finally getting ahead of the curve. Since my last update I've ridden over 340 miles but the fundraising was about $225. So I picked up over 100 miles on my deficit. So how do I do it, I started riding my bike to and from work. That allows me to add another 27 training miles each day. If I do that 4 times a week, I've added 108 miles. That's on top of the training on the weekend. So I will easily match the pledges. As one of my French friends would say, "Ha Ha - you are super clever" For some reason, he peppers his statements with lots of "Ha Ha"s. I'd say it's a French thing but none of my other French friends talk like that.

Anyway, I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself. I'm finally gaining ground. The only thing that could possibly spoil my "super clever" plan is to get a large influx of donations. If you're so inclined to make me more miserable - go to my donation page.

Well at least his seat got cleaned
Speaking of miserable, last week we had our first seriously wet ride. The weather report said rain and possible thunderstorms. What it didn't mention was the wind. So we endured gale force winds and cold rain. Well if it doesn't destroy us, it must be making us stronger. There is a rider on our team, who will remain nameless. (And I'm not talking about myself) . He claims "his wife" washed his bike shorts with too much detergent. This detergent was still in the chamois. For non-riders, the chamois is the padding in the bike shorts. Eventhough it's called a chamois it's often made from other non-animal materials. Anyway, you take the combination of water, as provided in copious amounts of rain, plus the aforementioned detergent; add the agitating motion of moving your legs back and forth and you get, what else, suds. Not just a little residue, but full-on bubble bath type suds. Imagine coming up behind another cyclist and seeing suds coming from his seat. You'd think the person had rabies, with the exception that he didn't exactly have a foaming mouth. I guess the a name for this condition could be "hemorrabies"

Ah nuts!
As I mentioned I started riding my bike to work. I have a whole new appreciation for the people that ride their bikes to work. They have to endure the worst traffic behavior. I've only ridden a few days and I've been honked at twice, cut off a few times and I had to "thread the needle" between two cars that were trying to occupy the same space. The next time you see someone riding to work, you should tip your hat to them. They're dealing with some real nuts out there.

Speaking of nuts, I'm happy to report that the kamikaze squirrels have returned. I thought since I have a new place of work, hence a new riding route, that I was done with the little nutjobs. Instead, part of my ride from work passes squirrel town. Only this time they brought some bigger friends. The other day I was almost upended by a jack rabbit. For crying out loud, why's a jack rabbit hanging out with squirrels in the first place. What's next? ducks? cows? So far it has been an uneasy truce between me and the squirrels. You'll be the first to hear if anything develops.

Finally, I met with my good doctor this week. He told me that I didn't need anymore follow-ups and I should only come in if there are problems. Of course I told him, "I hope I never see you again." Realizing that it didn't come out right I said "Well, I mean that in a good way." He said, "That's alright, I hope I don't see you either." Hmmmm... what did he mean by that?

That's all for this week. Thanks for reading along.



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