Hello again everyone,

I couldn't believe the response from my last update. Apparently I've become a one man marketing department for my nutrition coach, Kim. I had several inquiries about her services. If anyone wants to contact her I'll happily pass along her email address and number.

It's A Big One
This week, although I could write about my recent 120 mile ride, I'm going to write about something we all can relate to. I had my birthday last Sunday. It was traumatic.

This is a birthday I've been dreading for a long time. Right now you're thinking he must have had one of those birthdays that end in a zero (or zed for the european readers). Actually no. Despite my scale saying otherwise, I can't escape the chronological fact reflected on my drivers license. I turned 49 on Sunday.

At this point many of you are saying, "Big Deal" (sarcastically of course) others are saying "I've been there" and still others are saying "I'm not reading any farther". Well it was a big deal, in the non-sarcastic sense, to me. I've always looked at 49 as worse than 50. I provided an example to a friend the other day, you see when you fall off a cliff it's the fall that's scary, you don't remember the end. Similarly it's the approach to 50 that's traumatic and passing over is anti-climactic. So I'm in a bit of a funk over it.

A had a conversation with a psychologist last year about turning older. No, I'm not seeing a psychologist, it was just a casual conversation. I told her that what I was looking forward to was having a midlife crisis. At the time I said I was hoping to get a better car. She laughed and told me that I may not have one - a mid-life crisis that is. What! My whole life I've been conditioned to believe that when you got to certain age you get to have a mid-life crisis. Here she is telling me that I may not be so lucky. Now, I'm 49 and I'm worried that I won't have one at all.

She matter-of-factly pointed out that a mid-life crisis is a realization that the dreams and aspirations you had when you were younger do not the match the reality that you are experiencing today. And when you get to that point, you either fight it or accept it. That made me depressed. Here I was hoping for a good irrational reason to get a new car and lo and behold I may not be so lucky. She also went on to say that I didn't seem like the type that had any dream or aspirations when I was younger, so I couldn't be disappointed. She went on to say that I was probably happy with the fact that I wasn't in jail or sleeping under a highway overpass. Wait! What? What's she talking about? I have dreams all the time. Why the other night I had a really great one, but it's probably not appropriate to mention it here. At this point, if I realized if I were to see a psychologist, I certainly wouldn't see her.

Here's my dilemma. I actually don't need a car. So that's out. But I'm looking for suggestions for what I should do to commemorate my mid-life crisis (potentially) Drop me an email with your suggestion. I'll peruse the ones that sound best and maybe publish them. If you want to relate your experience I'd like to hear that too. If you want to just drop a line, well that would be great as well. Click on the link here steve's email

I'm Still Raising Funds for TnT
I still have plenty of raffle tickets for sale. My friend Betty Bennett donated a case of award winning wine from Chatom Vineyards. This 2005 Chardonnay won gold medals at the California State Fair and the Orange County Fair. So if you were worried about winning bike stuff, there's a very cool gift for you. If you want to buy tickets, drop me an email at the link above. I'll send you the directions to make the purchase.


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